Tuesday 8 June 2010


[Warning: if you're drinking a cup of coffee, finish it before you read this. You may splurt it all over your keyboard]

From the New York Times:

“At one level, it’s true the pharmaceutical companies are competing with the tobacco companies. But this is not Coke versus Pepsi,” Professor Glantz said. “The tobacco companies are promoting products that kill half a million people a year. The pharmaceutical companies are trying to promote health.

Professor Glantz added: “Those are two of the world’s experts, and we need to have people in there who are not going to get snookered by the industry, falling for a bunch of phony pseudoscience."

Stanton Glantz said that. 

Yes, that Stanton Glantz.


Unknown said...

What a smug, lying git Glantz is.

Carl V Phillips said...

Well, you can spin it another way as I did in our brand new twitter account (@QUITorKILL). Not quite ready to advertise it yet, but since you created the opening... Satire based on what they seem to be thinking seems to write itself, so this is their "highly unofficial" voice.

Oh, and the tweet about that article:
QUITorKILL Glantz explains that Benowitz and Henningfield offer FDA important expertise in "phony pseudoscience" http://nyti.ms/c3dXUe (last para)