Tuesday 29 June 2010

Quote of the day...

...is from Paul at Smokles:

You know, sometimes I feel a little bad about singling out Winickoff, but its just like that whack a weasel game, and his head just keeps popping up.

This being Jonathan WhenIcough Winickoff, the ambitious paediatrician who popularised 'thirdhand smoke' and is now making some truly bizarre claims about secondhand smoke. Does this guy really exist or has he been invented to make Stan Glantz look reasonable?

Whatever the case, we better get used to this rising star. Last month in Vancouver he launched no fewer than NINE new papers.


Anonymous said...

This being Jonathan Wankoff, the ambitious paedophile !!!
This sort of man is a menace.

Michael J. McFadden said...

WhenICough, Wankoff, LOL!

I usually call him:

Winnie Da Poo.