Saturday, 22 May 2010

What fresh hell?

Smokles is running a competition to predict the next absurd claim to be made in an anti-tobacco journal. Can you think of anything more ludicrous than third-hand smoke or heart attack miracles? If so, get yourself over there. Don't be afraid of letting your imagination run wild. Remember, this is tobacco control. No idea is too insane.

My suggestions:

Toxins from cigarettes can be transmitted down phone lines?

Smokers and non-smokers should be buried in separate sections of grave-yards?

Smoking bans lead to drop in rate of sexually transmitted diseases?

The sight of people smoking triggers lung cancer in ex-smokers?

Using the word 'cigarette' should be classified as tobacco advertising?


Dick Puddlecote said...

Err, your fifth one was I think proposed by the scottish parliament recently (something to do with the shop signs IIRC).

I'll look it up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

How's about "Reductions in use of immuno-suppressant drugs reduce disease transmission rates".

Or have you already suggested that one...?

Anonymous said...

second hand smoke can reduce signal strength of cell phones thus reducing brain cancer risks.

second hand smoke reduces exposure to sunlite in outdoor areas thus reducing exposures to ultra violet light and possible skin cancers.

second hand smoke has been found to improve sinus drainage and tear duct dysfunction by causing irritation..


Anonymous said...

harley: snort chuckle hardy har har! thanks for that this AM.

Anonymous said...

The mere sight of the wretched creatures can sent the weak of constitution to the doctor or corrupt the morality of fragile minds.

Or is that fifth hand smoke?