Friday 21 May 2010

Tobacco Harm Reduction book 2010

Make a pot of coffee, take the phone off the hook and put the kids in the fridge—the Tobacco Harm Reduction 2010 yearbook has been published and is free to download here. Edited by Carl V. Philips & Paul Bergen (who also run the Smokles blog, which I often link to), it includes presentations from the International Harm Reduction Conference in Liverpool and much else besides.

It would be less than candid of me to say that I have read the whole thing, but I intend to get stuck in this weekend. If you want a serious discussion of the issues pertaining to snus, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, written by people who actually know they're talking about, you should do the same.

The contents are...

1. Introduction
Carl V. Phillips & Paul L. Bergen 

2. Tobacco – the greatest untapped potential for harm reduction
Carl V. Phillips, Karyn K. Heavner & Paul L. Bergen 

3. Still fiddling whilst cigarettes burn?
Adrian Payne 

4. Switching to smokeless tobacco as a smoking cessation
method: evidence from the 2000 National Health Interview
Brad Rodu & Carl V. Phillips 

5. Why do anti-smoking groups oppose tobacco harm reduction?
A historical perspective
Christopher Snowdon 

6. A tobacco-free society or tobacco harm reduction: Which
objective is best for the remaining smokers in Scandinavia?
Karl Erik Lund 

7. The implicit ethical claims made in anti-tobacco harm
reduction rhetoric – a brief overview
Catherine M. Nissen, Carl V. Phillips & Courtney E. Heffernan 

8. Debunking the claim that abstinence is usually healthier for
smokers than switching to a low-risk alternative, and other
observations about anti-tobacco-harm-reduction arguments
Carl V. Phillips 

9. Systematic review of the relation between smokeless
tobacco and cancer in Europe and North America (abstract)
The relation between smokeless tobacco and cancer in
Northern Europe and North America. A commentary on
differences between the conclusions reached by two recent
Peter N. Lee & Jan Hamling 

10. University student smokers’ perceptions of risks and
barriers to harm reduction
Karen Geertsema, Carl V. Phillips & Karyn K. Heavner 

11. Comment to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
summarizing the rationale for tobacco harm reduction
Brad Rodu 

12. Public comment regarding tobacco harm reduction to
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from
Carl V. Phillips. Paul L. Bergen, Karyn K. Heavner
& Catherine M. Nissen 

13. Submission to the UK Department of Health from British
American Tobacco: The role for harm reduction within
tobacco control
David O’Reilly 

14. Comment to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from
Phillip Morris USA and US Smokeless Tobacco Company
regarding harm reduction
James E. Dillard 

15. An analog visual comparison of best, current and worst case
scenarios in (tobacco) harm reduction; numeracy-aiding tools to
get the message across
Paul L. Bergen & Courtney E. Heffernan 

16. The fluid concept of smoking addiction
Stanton Peele 

17. Electronic cigarettes are the tobacco harm reduction
phenomenon of the year - but will they survive?
Paul L. Bergen & Courtney E. Heffernan 

18. Vapefest 2010: A report from a conference of electronic
cigarette supporters
Bill Godshall 

19. Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as potential tobacco harm
reduction products: Results of an online survey of e-cigarette
Karyn K. Heavner, James Dunworth, Paul L. Bergen,
Catherine M. Nissen & Carl V. Phillips 

20. Two petitions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from
the American Association of Public Health Physicians
Joel L. Nitzkin

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