Wednesday 15 November 2023

Say no to Prohibition 2.0

If you're in or around London in the next few weeks, there are not one but two opportunities to hear about why the incremental prohibition of tobacco is probably not a good idea.

Firstly, FOREST are holding an event at the Old Queen Street Cafe next Monday with Claire Fox (aka Baroness Fox of Buckley), Henry Hill (ConservativeHome), Reem Ibrahim (Institute of Economic Affairs) and Ella Whelan (Academy of Ideas). RSVP here.

And on November 29th, the IEA will be discussing Prohibition 2.0 at 2 Lord North Street with me, Madeline Grant (The Telegraph), Paul North (Volteface) and Paul Cheema (Association of Convenience Stores). RSVP here.


The government is keen to rush this through before people think about the consequences so make sure you respond to the consultation by 6 December.

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