Thursday 3 November 2022

You can't appease fanatics, part 3,881

Since the start of last month, it has been illegal in the clown country of Great Britain for supermarkets to put 'junk food' such as marmalade and pain au chocolat at the end of their aisles. This has led to shoppers being unable to find the things they want.

Rumour has it that the supermarkets are not entirely unhappy about this as it means people walk around the store more and pick up more items, but it has naturally meant that so-called junk food has to stocked in the aisles rather than at the end of them.

In a development that will no doubt shock you, it appears that the government's outright capitulation to their lunatic demands is not enough for Action on Sugar who think it is outrageous that sugary products are being stocked in the middle of aisles.

This isn't the first time I've seen the word 'loophole' used by public health cranks to describe something that was never intended to be covered by the legislation in question, but it is a particularly hilarious example.

Where do they think these products should be stocked??

The answer, of course, is nowhere.

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