Friday 1 July 2022

Meet the British Medical Association

Aseem Malhotra, Croydon's part-time cardiologist, was given an award this week by the Chair of the British Medical Association (BMA). Malhotra, whose Twitter feed has been teeming with anti-vax dogwhistles for months, was - incredibly - honoured as a champion of preventive health.

Despite being handed the gong by the Chair of the BMA in front of the BMA logo, it turned to have nothing to do with the BMA, as the BMA was eager to point out.

Dr Nagpaul also released a statement distancing him from Malhotra.
The event seems to have been at a curry house in Hove.

I'm not sure why this group decided to honour Malhotra or how Dr Nagpaul got caught up in it, but it's not a good look for the BMA's chairman to be seen with this grifting narcissist

In any case, it was virtually his last act in the job. The BMA has since made changes at the top that do not bode well for Britain.

This week it appointed Dr Phil Banfield as the Chair of the BMA. Dr Banfield first came to my attention in 2016 when he compared e-cigarettes to Thalidomide. As Chair of the BMA's Welsh Council, he was furious when the plan to ban vaping indoors fell apart.

Banfield's views on e-cigarettes are shared by the anti-vaping dinosaur and obese windbag Martin McKee who recently became President of the BMA's President. Irreconcilably opposed to tobacco harm reduction, Brexit and 'neoliberalism', McKee is wheeled out by the media whenever they need someone to go against the UK consensus on vaping. His far-left political views make it more likely that we will see medics going on strike this year.

The BMA is instinctively authoritarian, but it largely dropped its resistance to vaping in 2017. With these two clowns in charge, there is a real danger of the organisation going backwards.

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