Friday, 30 July 2021

The WHO's crazy war on vaping

I've got an article in this week's Spectator about the World Health Organisation and its insane war on e-cigarettes. You can read it for free here.

It might be hidden from the eyes of the world, but a showdown between the pragmatists and prohibitionists beckons at COP9. With a delegation of its own now that it has left the EU, Britain has the opportunity to take a world-leading role in the promotion of science and good regulation. The British delegation is likely to include some ex-smokers who quit thanks to vaping and who will argue for the UK model of light-touch regulation and evidence-based messaging. If they succeed, our most successful post--Brexit export to date may not be a product, but a model that will save millions of lives.

However, if the WHO snubs Britain — which is the FCTC’s biggest funder — the organisation set up to improve global health could become one of its biggest threats.

I'm also on the Spectator podcast with Clive Bates to discuss it.

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