Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Smileys revisited

I've written for CapX about the latest smiley variant. The arguments continue to mutate and become more virulent.

This is all nonsense and easy to disprove. The more interesting question is why they want to believe the vaccines are useless. Why are people who were insistent that there would be no second wave last winter because of herd immunity so sure that there will be a massive wave this winter despite 87% of adults already having antibodies? Why has there been such a shift towards anti-vaxxing among lockdown sceptics, including some of the most prominent figures, such as Piers Corbyn, Michael Yeadon and Naomi Wolf (all of whom have been kicked off Twitter)?

When I wrote about the smiley phenomenon in January, I pointed to the power of confirmation bias. None of us wanted this pandemic and its lockdowns. If someone tells us that it is all hoax and it’s just the flu, we want to believe them. But why would anyone want to believe that there is no end in sight?


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