Monday, 4 January 2021

'Public health' group sides with the virus

Brewdog recently announced that it would be allowing some of its bars to be turned into vaccination centres for free. A pretty helpful gesture during a public health crisis, I'm sure you'll agree. More than a gesture, in fact. A tangible and useful action.

However, state-funded legacy 'public health' groups disagree...

They could have left it at the first two sentences or simply not commented at all, but they couldn't resist. They had to remind us that neo-puritans masquerading as public health experts are not only irrelevant to public health but are actively opposed to public health.

This will not come as news to regular readers, but it's nice of them to get the message out to a wider audience. 

I can't really improve on this response...

See here for some information about SPECTRUM and its £5.9 million budget, and click here for further examples of them criticising businesses for helping to fight COVID-19 while they do diddly squat.

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