Friday, 21 August 2020

Meaningless graphics


Last year I started curating a Twitter thread of meaningless, stupid and pointless graphics, mostly Powerpoint slides from 'public health' conferences. The thread has become difficult to follow so I'm putting them all here and will add to them from time to time.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted entries. Keep them coming.  

1. The umbrella of health (from the EAT-Lancet commission)

2. The Doughnut (plus added random statistics at the bottom). I am told that this graphic is highly revered in some circles. 

3. The Bicycle of Education

4. With great power comes 97% responsibility.

5. The Non-Communicable Disease Policy Cube

6. The Bicycle of Disease Prevention

7. Another one from EAT-Lancet. You could stare at this from now until the end of time and be none the wiser.

8. A simple guide to COVID-19 from Danny Dorling

9. The Sisyphus of Something

10. Food, brain, stomach.

11. God knows.

12. Evidences based research, medias and economical interest. This is from the World Health Organisation.

13. Obesity simplified.

14. Perhaps you had to be there.

15. Should have been bullet points.


16. Everything but the kitchen sink.


17. Something to do with industry being connected to policy makers.

18. Muh capitalism.


19. Muh corporations.

 20. The Eye of Possitopianism.

21. The teepee of innovation.

22. Formula for peaceful societies revealed.

23. Feeling sleepy.

24. "Any questions?"

25. The 'whole systems approach' to obesity. Absolute drivel.

26. People and actions. 

27. The World Economic Forum, bullshitters extraordinaire.

28. How to prevent littering.

29. 'System change leaders' 🤮

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