Wednesday, 15 July 2020

ASH claims that over a million people have quit smoking

The clowns at ASH have upped the ante. In May, they claimed that 300,000 people quit smoking because of COVID-19 fears. That was based on wild extrapolations from tiny survey figures.

They have now raised that to over a million. Do they think we were born yesterday?

The BBC fell for it, naturally. As I explain in the thread below, there is no credible evidence for it whatsoever. Will there be a comeuppance for ASH when the figure is comprehensively debunked in time? Almost certainly not.

ASH have had the begging bowl out since the pandemic began, hoping to get £350,000 from the Department of Health for their lame Quit for Covid campaign. They seem to have got it.

Ash is launching a stop-smoking campaign funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, targeting people in areas of the country with the highest rates of smoking. 

I guess the government doesn't have anything better to spend the health budget on at the moment.

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