Saturday 30 May 2020

Trump defunds the WHO - not a moment too soon

Looking good!

The World Health Organisation has had a lot of heat on it recently, never more so than today, after Donald Trump announced that he was pulling the USA out of it and diverting its $400 million to more worthy causes.

Anyone expecting to hear a response from the WHO on its Twitter feed will be disappointed. Instead, it has gone off on a mad one about smoking.

The answer is Stranger Things, a programme that is not suitable for children, but not because of the smoking 'incidents' (they mean incidence).

The real answer is none of the above. It is retailers that sell tobacco to the public, not the tobacco industry - and shops don't sell tobacco at a child's eye level. Nor is it sold near chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks, for that matter, but given the WHO's view of chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks, perhaps it should be.

You can expect more of this garbage in the next 36 hours as the WHO retreats from the awkward conversations about COVID-19 and settles into the warm bosom of World No Tobacco Day. This year it is focuing on - surprise, surprise - vaping. It has even created some snazzy images to make e-cigarettes appealing to children.

I'd be the first to admit that it's difficult to make vaping look cool, but they've done it. Nice one, WHO!

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