Wednesday 8 April 2020

Defund the WHO

Donald Trump has threatened to defund the World Health Organisation. And rightly so, as I say in the Telegraph...

Donald Trump has his reasons for wanting to blame others for America’s devastating coronavirus outbreak, but he is right to threaten to defund the WHO. Money talks and the USA is the agency’s biggest single donor. If there is hope of reforming this rotten organisation, it will only happen if it sees the cash drying up.

Britain should follow America’s lead. We gave the WHO over $200 million in 2018, making us its second biggest contributor. On a per capita basis, we are comfortably its biggest donor. Since our largesse does not seem to have bought us any soft power with the WHO, it is time to stop asking nicely. Tedros must go and the agency must get back to its original mission. If it cannot be reformed, it should be replaced.

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