Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Coronavirus is a boon, says 'public health' expert

Australia is a nanny state basket case. We've known that for a while, but there could be no better illustration of how the 'public health' movement has been debased and corrupted by puritanical fanatics than this tweet from an Aussie 'public health' 'expert'...

Mr Swanson is a dietitian who wormed his way into the 'public health' racket by being an rabid anti-smoking campaigner in the 1980s. That got him into a career at various health agencies, including the National Heart Foundation and the Health Education Council. He currently rejoices in the title of CEO of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health where he campaigns against e-cigarettes.

He now sees a viral pandemic as a public health boon because it could hold back vaping, thereby encouraging smoking. It is difficult to imagine a more warped and less health-oriented view, but this is what the 'public health' racket has been reduced to. 

Elsewhere in Australia, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Australian Medical Association have written to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, asking it to reject IQOS's application. They falsely claim that there is 'no evidence' that the heat-not-burn product is safer than combustible cigarettes.

"Claims that heat not burn products pose a lower risk to health due to their milder exposure to toxicants have recently been refuted," college president Harry Nespolon said in a letter to the regulator, seen by the Herald and The Age.

This is a lie - the UK's Committee on Toxicity found that IQOS reduces 'harmful and potentially harmful' compounds by 50-90% - but lying is what these people do and there is no chance of the docile Australian media calling them out on it.

With the greatest respect to my Australian friends, it is the lost continent. A clown country.

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