Sunday 29 September 2019

What's on at the Conservative conference?

The Conservative Party conference begins today and the IEA will be hosting two days of solid debate in the Think Tent, kicking off at 8am with a panel discussion on medical cannabis which I will be chairing.

I'll be speaking straight after, at 9am, about the nanny state with Ben Bradley, Vicky Ford and Tim Stanley (chaired by Darren Grimes).

I'll also be in the Think Tent on Tuesday at 10.15am talking about recreational cannabis, and I'll be with the Conservative Environmental Network on Monday at 5.30pm talking about environmental policy. That's in Room 3/4 of the secure zone.

See the full schedule of events here. The Adam Smith Institute (ASI) also has some interesting looking events - see their line up here.

All of that is in the secure zone, I'm afraid, so if you haven't got a pass you won't be able to attend. The ASI and Freedom Association have often held events outside the secure zone in the past, but not this time, alas. However, if you're in Manchester and want to go to something political, or if you're at the conference and want to get out of the secure zone, Starkey on Brexit has taken my eye and Comedy Unleashed will be on Monday night. There is a full list of fringe events here.

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