Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Transport for London spends £1000s making its own ads compliant with the 'junk food' ban

Last month Farmdrop, a woke farmer's market on wheels, had an advert rejecting by Transport for London because it included butter, bacon and other 'junk food'.

If you thought this was the most absurd manifestation of the inherent puritanism of Sadiq Khan's policy, you were wrong. A few weeks ago, I sent TfL a Freedom of Information request, asking them to provide details and costs of any work undertaken to make their own adverts compliant with the new rules.

TfL's adverts only promote public transport but they still have to comply. The documents I received are remarkable. To cut a long story short, they spent more than £16,000 doctoring perfectly inoffensive advertisements to remove any trace of 'unhealthy food'. You can't put a price on totally ineffective anti-obesity policies!

Read the full story at Spectator Health.

PS. Meanwhile, Food Active - a pressure group funded by local authorities - has just launched a campaign to give local authorities the power to introduce the same daft rules elsewhere.

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