Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Caught red-handed

I spotted this tweet by a chap called Nason Maasi yesterday. He works with Mark Petticrew and Martin McKee at the LSHTM and his view of business is informed by their conspiratorial, Marxist way of thinking.

PMI is Philip Morris International, the tobacco company. And yes, it would be an astonishing thing for them to say if it was 1972.

But it is 2018 and regular readers know that the people who are most likely to economical with the truth are unaccountable, stop-at-nothing, ends-justify-the-means zealots in 'public health'.

To illustrate my point, meet Lindsay Robertson. She is a tobacco control activist-academic from New Zealand who recently made the following claim about PMI's heated tobacco product IQOS...

And now meet Moira Gilchrist, vice-president of PMI, who notes that the video evidence does not support Robertson's claim...

As Nason Maani would say, wow.

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