Sunday, 13 May 2018

Two interviews, 100% sound views

I did a couple of interviews recently with Conservative organisations. You might be interested, who knows?

If you like the written word, here's me with Ben Kelly at Conservatives For Liberty.

David Cameron was the absolute worst for this stuff. If you look at his record, he makes Gordon Brown look like Ayn Rand. After opposing the tobacco display ban in opposition, his party introduced it almost as soon as it took office. He introduced plain packaging at a time when no other government apart from Australia was showing much interest in it. He introduced the sugar tax. He set up Public Health England, which was only ever going to be a giant nanny state lobby group. He wanted to introduce minimum pricing and was only stopped because of Cabinet opposition.

It’s a shameful record. Whether it’s because he is a patrician Tory or because he thought that detoxifying the Tory brand meant caving in to the trendy authoritarianism of the ‘public health’ racket, I don’t know. I am slightly – but only slightly – encouraged that the current wave of lifestyle regulation is the legacy of the Cameron era and Theresa May has not added anything else to the pile. I don’t think May has any interest in nanny state politics but I fear she is too weak to stand up against a well-organised campaign.

Read it all here.

And if you prefer moving images, here's me in St James' Park on Wednesday talking to some students from King's College London Conservative Association who have started a website called 1828.

You can follow 1828 on Twitter here.

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