Tuesday 19 September 2017

Europuppets still thriving

I'm off on holiday for a week so I shall leave you with this, from a recent 'public health' conference organised by the European Public Health Alliance.

As I have shown many times, we already do. Take the EPHA, for example, which is overwhelmingly funded by the unwitting taxpayer.

'Following the guidelines of the EU Civil Society Contact Group and Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU, EPHA has calculated that it spent an estimated €300,000 in 2013 on activities carried out with the objective of influencing the policy formulation and decision making processes of the European Institutions.'

You won't be surprised to hear that 'public interest lobbying' means campaigning for more taxes, more bans and higher prices.

It's bad enough that these vile people are fighting to make us poorer and restrict our freedom but knowing that they're doing it on our dime is too much.

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