Tuesday, 20 September 2016

More on that sugar conspiracy

Further to my post about Stanton Glantz's ridiculous sugar conspiracy, I'm pleased to see other people critiquing this nonsense. The two articles below are both excellent and well worth reading if you interested in how activist-researchers create media narratives...

Sugar and Spite: Mark Hegsted and the Great Sugar Conspiracy

Rewriting history to expose a non-existent conspiracy
And don't forget this post from Nutrevolve.

Not for the first time, the blogosphere has been quicker to get to grips with peer-revieed drivel than the mainstream media. Take this from the Financial Review, for instance...

The food and artificial sweetener industry, which have previously opposed the tax, have been making global headlines with academics alleging the business is skewing health research.

An academic at the University of California published a paper arguing five decades of research responsible for shaping dietary recommendations was likely sculpted by the sugar industry.


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