Wednesday 31 August 2016

Last Orders podcast: Theresa May, obesity and pubs

We've recorded another edition of the Spiked Last Orders podcast, this time with Rob Lyons. We took a month off in July because it's been a pleasantly quiet summer for nanny state activity and so we had little to discuss. Real news kept 'public health' press releases out of the headlines. What a wonderful time to believe that was.

But August gave us more to talk about. In the podcast we ask whether Theresa May will be an improvement on David Cameron, explain why it's none of the government's business if people are fat and cringe at the idea of MPs nationalising a pub for their own private use. You can listen to it here or subscribe to Spiked on iTunes.

Also, I wrote about the claim that vaping is as dangerous as smoking for Spectator Health yesterday.

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