Tuesday 4 August 2015

Aseem Malhotra's latest brainwave

After becoming national laughing stocks with their Ribena policy last week, the people at Tesco are probably not in the mood to be told what to sell by the clowns at Action on Sugar, but Aseem Malhotra is trying anyway...

Because eating full fat yoghurts is definitely the way to 'reverse obesity', right?

There are a couple of things to say about this.

Firstly, Tesco's do sell full fat yoghurts.

Secondly, Tesco's full fat yoghurts contain two and half times as many calories as their fat-free yoghurts and are therefore unlikely to be a silver bullet to 'reverse obesity'.

With a tip of the hat to Slipp Digby, here are the fat-free and full-fat versions of Tesco's Greek yoghurts:

Note that they both contain quite a bit of sugar because they're yoghurts. Also note that there are 55 calories in the fat-free version but 124 calories in the version Malhotra thinks people should eat to stay slim. I guess that's because calories are a lie created by Big Food to get people eating carbs (or whatever drivel he believes this week).

This is a guy who looks after people's hearts for a living telling us to eat more saturated fat and consume more calories. He has implicitly told people not to bother exercising and seems to be on a mission to deter people from using statins.

What does a cardiologist have to do to get struck off these days?

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