Thursday 19 March 2015

Slippery slope? Nah!

The new Tobacco Atlas, published by the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society, was unveiled at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health this week.

There is a striking image on page 80.

No further questions, m'lud.


Spot the difference between the graphic in the Tobacco Atlas and the, er, "scare tactics" of Imperial Tobacco in 2011.


Christopher Snowdon said...

But shouldn't it say
'Packaging regulations, one of our fetishes that doesn't control tobacco use....'?

Christopher Snowdon said...

Really, Chris!

Weren't you listening when prof Chapman told us that this would never happen. Tobacco is a unique product that kills half its users (most of them in old age, admittedly...) and this is the unslipperiest slippery slope that he's ever seen.

So it looks like PP for booze, sugar and fast foods is going to slide down a very unslippery slope, doubtless causing multiple abrasions on the way.

Christopher Snowdon said...

This is great, hope they start pushing for it in earnest. Slippery slope indeed, and these lunatics are on it, greased up and ready to go. Let people get a good old eye full of what these people are all about, might shake some of them out of their stupor.

tick tock.......

Christopher Snowdon said...

"Sharing" is the in-thing, don't you know? I recently had a bit of trouble with a certain thing and the information was shared right across the board. That's what's happening: "health", "welfare", "justice" system, "education", etc. are all exchanging information in secret.

Here in Scotland, every child is to get a "named person" and of course, the information is to be available to anyone who wants it, overriding the parents, if required, because the State now owns the children.

Yet, when it comes to us proles, our businesses are subject to all sorts of privacy clauses.

We'll soon be at the bottom of that slippery slope.

Christopher Snowdon said...

It's not just plain packaging, it's a whole new term as described by a presentation at the WCTOH entitled 'Beyond Tobacco exceptionalism, promoting coherence in regulating addictive industries' (see page 123 of the programme). 'Beyond Tobacco exceptionaism' is evidently the new 'slippery slope'.