Wednesday 21 January 2015

Unsurprising quote of the week

The latest from our friends in the public health lobby...

"Our end game is to bring sugary fizzy drink consumption down to zero in 2025, similar to the end game for tobacco consumption."

See this post for a reminder of who these advocates of "stopping the availability of sugary drinks in New Zealand" are, and see Feminoptimal for further comment.


Christopher Snowdon said...

None of this puritanical nonsense will stop, until enough people tell them all to "f*ck off" , there is far too much money and power over others involved. Society as a whole have allowed these people far too much influence over our lives, and it is society as a whole that needs to put these pinch mouthed puritans back in their boxes.

As was mentioned on another blog, we need to "denormalise" public health. Those in public health that can still think for themselves need to stop supporting the lies of those they work with, (remaining silent when these lies are foisted on the people is supporting those lies the same as if you were the liar). If your job, the money or the power, is more important than exposing the corruption in the ranks of public health, then you are no better than the most corrupt among you.

I can remember years ago many people saying that allowing "tobacco control" so much power, and allowing the demonisation and discrimination of smokers would open the flood gates to the demonisation and hatred of whatever group the puritans chose next. I made this argument myself and was howled down and told that the "slippery slope" argument was ridiculous, and that all these self appointed paragons of virtue wanted was to "save" people from the evil tobacco companies. It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to say "I told you so".

They're gunning for those who like a drink, (alcoholic or fizzy), they're gunning for the salad dodgers, and those who don't spend half their life in a gym, they're gunning for anyone who has the temerity to enjoy any substance or pass time that doesn't conform to the healthist's ideal. It wont end until enough people tell them to "f*ck off".

Christopher Snowdon said...


Christopher Snowdon said...

And those who spend 50% of the time at the gym will be flamed for not spending more time with their kids.