Tuesday 11 November 2014

E-cigarette advertising

I was on the radio yesterday talking about two of my pet subjects, advertising (see the book to your right) and e-cigarettes. The supposed controversy was not about e-cigarettes being advertised on television (they already are), but e-cigarette adverts showing people using them. The horror.

Here's the audio.

You should also listen to the brilliant Lorien Jollye take on Deborah Arnott on the Today programme (1 hour 22 minutes in).


Christopher Snowdon said...

Enjoyed your comments Chris, but had to stifle a yawn when listening to the same old propaganda from the other bloke, the old "we just don't know" garbage, and more of the "think of the cheeldren" nonsense. (although its now 'young people' rather than children, so as to encompass and infantilise those under 25 years of age).

Christopher Snowdon said...

Lorien was brilliant!

Arnott became very annoyed :)

Christopher Snowdon said...

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Christopher Snowdon said...

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