Wednesday 10 September 2014

Food wowsers in action

Another 'public health' conference took place this week. This time it was the World Public Health Nutrition Association. Never have those speech marks around 'public health' been more necessary. It was, in truth, a far-left political rally against 'Big Food' and in support of 'Big Government'.

Amongst the speaker was the tree-hugging Trotskyist, Gerard Hastings, and the unctuous brain donor, Aseem Malhotra. The following tweets give you a taste of the conference in all its fanatical glory. Note the intense hatred of business, trade, capitalism and economics. Note also the clear intention to bring about a worldwide treaty in the style of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control so that your diet can be controlled by international law.

Many of these people need psychiatric help, in my opinion.


Bucko said...

My God! One of those Tweets even hints at regulating air and water.

JohnB said...

Beware of Big Cheese, Big Potato, Big Pasta, Big Taco, Big Hot Dog…… and especially Big Hamburger.

It must be repeated over and over: Contemporary Public Health is a serious menace to public health.

Man with Many Chins said...

They really are seriously ill.

Rob said...

Ill or not, they can just fuck right off!

I've had it with these public health fascists.

Seriously! What a waste of skin and precious bodily fluids!

Even John Ashton and Martin McKee are preferable, and they're unutterable fuckwits, even on a good day.