Friday 6 December 2013

Mandela: the self-serving, bitchy tributes pour in

Last night a remarkable man who resorted to violence to bring down an inhumane regime died. Naturally, Twitter erupted in an undignified frenzy of partisan bitchiness and political self-promotion. Here's a brief taster...

I can't spell but buy my book!

It's all about me!

Vote Labour!

I'm a professional comedian!

I can use Google!

Fire up the outrage bus!

Look, it's the outrage bus! Climb aboard!

I'm a nobody but it's all about me...

Right-wingers are scum!

 He loved the Tories!

No, he loved Labour!

Tories hated him!

What?! He was a damned commie!

I haven't read that much about him!


Hey! Remember me?

Seriously, he was a massive socialist!

So am I, that's why I like him!

My roof's blown off!

Restart the outrage bus!

Free Nelson Mandela!

Tenuous humblebrag!

Let's gets things in perspective...

(Murphy's very next tweet...)

I said, do you remember ME?

Aaaaaaand, relax...


SadButMadLad said...

You missed off the Paris Hilton tweet where she confuses Mandela with Martin Luther King.

Unknown said...

You mean, "You missed off the photoshopped tweet where someone used a man's death to make a joke about Paris Hilton."

Unknown said...

A good day for the BBC - not having to run with yesterday's Ed Balls-up.

It's always fun to imagine, in this kind of overblown Trauerfest what the departed one would reciprocate.

"Courageous State? Huh?"
"Alistair? Did I? Fancy!"

and so on...

Fredrik Eich said...

"One minute of secondhand smoke impairs functioning of arteries" - Stan G latest missive.
How long before the one minute heart attack?
I don't know why they don't go for a sub second heart attack. Stan is sitting in a restaurant and sees a smoker about to light up and his arteries constrict ... instant death.

Eccles said...

Oh, has he died? Why didn't someone mention this?