Tuesday 18 June 2013

Graphic warnings for alcohol

More news from the slippery slope. The EU-funded public health lobby group Eurocare has been presenting their 'next logical steps' in Ireland. Following the anti-smoking blueprint to the letter, they've mocked up some graphic warnings for wine bottles. Fetching design, don't you think?

We did tell you this would happen, you know. Plain packaging will be next.


Unknown said...

So all medicines have an adverse affect combined with alcohol? This isn't even true of most antibiotics, though most people think it is.

selsey.steve said...

Alcohol slows down the efficaciousness of antibiotics but it has absolutely no effect on the eventual result of taking the antibiotics.
It is now becoming known, albeit slowly, that the particulate matter emitted by diesel engines is injurious to health. A graphical depiction of the increase in diesel engines on the road and conditions such as asthma and lung cancer show a remarkable degree of correlation. That, in itself, is no reason to connect the two, but it does give one cause for thought.

Unknown said...

It is wrong to call it a "slippery slope". It is a well planned conspiracy, thought up and put to work by leaders of the pharmaceutical giants. They are using a "pushing by paying" strategy in order to make fanatics like Alcohol Concern lobby the politicians for bans & restrictions and eventually prohibition.

Why? Because they make more money in a totalitarian society. They did it with smoking ban & Nicorette - now they are going to do it again, this time with alcohol restrictions & anti-alcohol pill, Selincro. As Chris Snowdon wrote, Lundbeck (makers of Selincro) pays off Alcohol Concern:


So look out for more calls for alcohol restrictions in "public space" - i.e. bars and restaurants. That is the way it works.

"Big Pharma" is a big threat to freedom of choice as we know it.

nisakiman said...

I do hope you've forwarded this post to Slippery Simon (Chapman), Chris.

Christopher Snowdon said...

Tragically, old slaphead blocked me on Twitter a long time ago.