Thursday 25 April 2013

Never saw that coming

From Dr Kerryn Phelps, former president of the Australian Medical Association...

Like night follows day.

h/t The IPA


proglodyte said...

Fish n' chip shop owners will no doubt support this.

nisakiman said...

Fish n' chip shop owners will no doubt support this.

Ah, but does the front page of 'The Australian' count as 'plain'? Some would argue that newsprint epitomises greasy fish'n'chips, and as such would constitute branding. No, even the fish'n'chippers would not be exempt from this one. And don't forget the mandatory medico-porn emblazoned all over the wrapper.

But of course 'studies' would find that this measure 'could save 500,000 lives a year', and polls would show what-a-universally-popular-measure-this-would-be-because-most-people-really-want-to-give-up-fast-food-and-aren't-public-health-wonderful, and lots of serious-looking 'experts would crawl out of the woodwork and start pontificating on how wonderful this measure would be for the nation, and how it would probably deter teenagers from taking up fast-food, and subliminally suggesting that (whisper it...) Australia could be a world leader in introducing plain packaging for fast-foods.

Another first for the taking! Grab it!

As you say Chris, utterly, depressingly predictable