Friday 7 December 2012

Letter to Brussels

Blogging's rather light at the moment as my real writing takes precedence, but if you haven't read Clive Bates latest missive to the EU, you should: European Union making bad policy on nicotine – five ways to make it better

Clive also mentions something in the comments which got me thinking:

It is interesting to consider if the smokers’ class actions of the future might be directed at Commission officials, politicians and European health groups who conspired to deny them much safer alternatives, with full knowledge of the relative risks, addictiveness of tobacco, and plenty of scientific advice showing that they knew or should have known the harm reduction benefits of these products.

How sweet the irony would be.

On a different note, I participated in a debate on the Voice of Russia about minimum pricing on Monday. I haven't listened back to it, but it seems quite lively at the time. Other guests were from the Scottish Whisky Association, British Liver Trust and UK Faculty for Public Health. Here it is...

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Furor Teutonicus said...

Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, ALL have prices lower than the U.K.

Why is it only the U.K that appears to have this drinking "problem"?