Wednesday 28 November 2012

Six reasons...

... to reject minimum pricing.

Over at the Adam Smith Institute blog.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you on BBC Wiltshire Sound this morning Chris :-)

Ivan D said...

I note that the BBC have run their usual "unbiased" plug for minimum pricing complete with a quote from ethically challenged Vivienne Nathanson over at the BMA.

Lest anyone be in any doubt about the BBC having agenda, their health team have provided a handy explanation as to why 45p will make a difference compared to 40p. They of course base this utter crap on the Sheffield model.

Such blatant partiality and patronage is an abuse of their unique position.

Anonymous said...

I had high hopes for Cameron when he first appointed his cabinet. He seemed to be happy to let ministers get on with their jobs. Now, he has fallen into the trap that all PMs fall into - dabbling in everything.
It really is very peculiar how much in thrall to academia are politicians. Why do they believe that a bunch of teachers are capable of assessing the virtues/vices of minimum pricing? Why do the believe that stuff emerging from a computer program is gospel?
Beats me.

Ivan D said...

I was feeling a bit guilty about possibly being a wee bit harsh on the BBC yesterday but today sees their online news team publicising some Scandic tosh about childhood obesity and acting as a PR front for the loonies at CASH. So I am over it.