Sunday 31 July 2011

EC consultation backfires spectacularly

Last September, I mentioned the European Commission's public consultation on tobacco control. It asked questions about whether snus should be legalised and what new tobacco control measures should be enacted.

Well guess what? The results are in and it seems that—unlike in the UK where the Department of Health's front group respond en masse to these things—real people have responded. Over 80,000 of them in fact; 96% of whom are ordinary EU citizens. Shall we see what they said?

A significant majority of (citizen) respondents were against extending the scope of the Directive (ie further regulations).

A vast majority of (citizen) respondents ... were in favour of lifting the ban on snus.

A significant majority of (citizen) respondents disagreed with the regulation of ingredients at the EU level.

A significant majority of (citizen) respondents opposed limiting access to tobacco products.

Oh dear, oh dear. If you ever wondered why the government needs to create astro-turf groups and fake charities to manufacture support for its policies, wonder no more. Taking Liberties has the whole hilarious story. It's a must read.


Eddie D said...

This is the direct link to the report:-

Anonymous said...

I have read the report in its entirety. It is a con.

The 'fallback' situation is 'the status quo'. As the report says, States have signed up to the Framework Convention and are legally obliged to conform. Snus is just a minor issue.

The whole tenor of the report is that some say this and some say that. The implication is this: "We will carry on as normal - although we might withdraw the ban on snus"
Yawn. Yawn. What about the victimisation of smokers?

I confidently predict a legalisation of snus and a further turning of the screw on smokers. Care to bet?