Tuesday 21 June 2011

The cost of the war on drugs

Via United Liberty, a short video about the War on Drugs.

Let's try liberty for a change shall we?

And on a much lighter note, this parody of Adam Curtis documentaries is hilarious. I'm a big fan of Curtis although I will admit his latest doc was a little less (even less?) coherent than his previous work. I'd embed it but for some reason the makers have prevented embedding and closed off the comments. Some people at the New Statesman were taking it all a bit too seriously.


Anonymous said...

I grow and in a very limited capacity supply the entheogen Salvia Divinorum. While it remains legal in the UK this is not the case for unfortunate others elsewhere.

It has proven most illuminating for my various friends and family who were previously staunch supporters of prohibition.

The prospect of seeing a loved ones life violently attacked by the state for no discernible reason is a real eye opener.

Becky Johnson said...

In Santa Cruz, California, just as the prohibition against cannabis was lifting, a sudden urge to make smoking (not just tobacco) illegal in huge amounts of public spaces: The main thoroughfare in the downtown, all of Beach St. in every city park, and on the entire length of W. Cliff Dr. which skirts the Pacific ocean! Can the anti=tobacco laws be REALLY pushback against loosening laws on marijuana?