Wednesday 20 April 2011

The vile views of Chandran Nair

Following a link on Twitter, I ended up listening to a talk at the Royal Society of Arts by Chandran Nair who claims to be some sort of environmentalist. I had not come across Mr Nair before but he has written a book called Consumptionomics, is fond of Chinese Communism, thinks we need "massive carbon taxes" and wants governments to be "draconian" so you can probably guess what kind of environmentalist he is.

Rarely have I come across a speech that makes the case for anti-human, anti-progress, anti-liberty politics as explicitly and shamelessly as this, with not a word of dissent from the audience. With people like this around, is it any wonder greens get labelled watermelons?

Here are a few choice, but entirely representative, quotes:

On the joys of collectivism:

"In Japan, the individual doesn't matter. I have a home in a small village in Japan and everything has a rule and I love it—because it's about the collective. You can't do anything without having the permission of the collective."

On whether technology has a role to play (ie. in feeding people and reducing pollution):

"The Chinese tell you how many gallons of petrol you can have a week, how many miles you can drive and when your car will stop. And it will be recorded somewhere and you'll get a huge bill for what you do. I've talked to my friends at Cisco and they say they have the technology. So technology does have a role to play."

On government:

"We will need strong governments. We will need draconian measures to stop and restrain people."

On population:

"The Chinese model [one child per family] might work better in these issues than anything else."

On car ownership:

"The Chinese have intervened in car markets and two months ago imposed restrictions on car ownership. And I've always said that if they can mess with your reproductive system, they can certainly mess with your car."

On being green:

"I refuse to go to conferences any more that talk about 'greening'. I prefer to go to conferences that talk about constraining, restricting, imposing rules."

On liberty:

"Asian governments need to reject the Western model. They need to move beyond the rhetoric of liberal democratic capitalist systems which say that individual rights are sacrosanct."


Unknown said...

Good find. and wow...

Smoking Hot said...

Excellent! l hope he is given a massive platform to continue spouting this insanity.

Anonymous said...

Usually anything that has the words "The Royal Society of" in front of it is usually some hot bed of looney socialist authoritarians or big govrnment idealists.
I feel he may have been treated differently elswhere.

Aelfred Wantage said...

"...because it's about the collective. You can't do anything without having the permission of the collective."

Is this odious little turd some kind of 'Borg'unit?

westcoast2 said...

What 'collective' gave him persmission to say these things?

Frank Davis said...

I listened to it, and what struck me was that he seemed to be repeatedly claiming to have a crystal ball with which to see the future. This would happen. That would happen. Unless there was strong intervention (by the state, of course).

These people think they can see the future.

Angry Exile said...

If you think he's bad just go and google Pentti Linkola.

Anonymous said...

lol at this. I refuse to believe he isn't trolling

Anonymous said...

Frank said:

“These people think they can see the future.”

Indeed! And we can all sing along:

I make no apology for the comparison. For those who may think I'm overreacting, there is a chilling line towards the end of the video:
“Do you still think you can control them?”


JJ said...

This man's bum trumpet is blowing loud and splendidly - it doth serve him well!

Trooper Thompson said...

What a stoopid name for a book, as well.

Magnetic said...


Law firm advises hospitals to 'cleanse' files

Anonymous said...

We are Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

This Mr. Chandran Nair somehow must be connected with the WHO (Weird Hegemonial Overlord)...

Anonymous said...

We may laugh at these people now but they have a nasty habit of turning up in control in 10 years time. The left have always believed that time is on their side and devote lifetimes to working in, and manipulating, politics whilst the rest of us have proper lives to live and enjoy, mistakenly thinking that our 'democracy' is protecting us from these freaks. Stamp on the bastards now.

PS: I always thought Brown admired China.

Anonymous said...

Time is on their side as they control the schools from kindergarten through university, the mainstream media, publishing, advertising, other important communications channels through which they will, over a generation, bring what seems outrageous in the above quotes into total normalcy through having one generation die off and another one take its place, more properly indoctrinated than the old one. At some point too, communalization will be accepted as totally good and normal also - at which time anyone not seeing it that way will be seen as something abhorrent, the roles completely reversed and there will be nothing anyone can do to change it back again. These people DO own the future. I don't condone it, do not think it is good, but with proper indoctrination one generation at a time and long term conditioning, everything from smoking bans to population restriction to forced euthanasia to carbon taxes to travel restrictions will seem just as normal in the future as the exact opposite seemed normal in the past.

Brad said...

Just more left-wing dogma dressed up us prophetic wisdom.

During his talk he says: "If 500 million Chinese start having one meal of seafood per week - not two or three like most of us has, the oceans will be empty my friends"

Surely there's an enormous flaw in that presumption.

He's a man of exaggerated self-importance and full of cr*p.

Anonymous said...

This is off your topic, Snowdon, but I hope that you do not mind.

Philip Morris has opened a website in Australia for the defence of smokers. The URL is:

Here is a copy of a comment that I have just posted on Frank Davis's site:

""I too was surprised that comments were limited, but then I thought that, if the site is a success, there could be tens of thousands all talking to no purpose. As it happens, I have just been over there again and clicked on LATEST NEWS. Two of the four items were newspaper articles on which one could comment. Perhaps Philip Morris's idea is to point out these articles for 'members' of the PM site to comment on.

I looked at the comments on the two articles and was amazed at the overwhelming numerical superiority of anti-smoking comments. On one of the articles (about plain packaging), of 132 comments, only 4 were against the idea. The other article (re smoking in the open air) also was very anti-smoker - the hatred was palpable.

Being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, the thought crossed my mind that ASH (or the AU equivalent) is aware of this Philip Morris site and is deliberately targeting any article mentioned on the site. Certainly, the comments there bear no relation to our experience in the UK where opinion is prominently against the Nanny State. Also, the ignorance of facts as regards SHS was astonishing.

I tried a little detective work on the comments and found that on the article with 132 comments, the vast majority started to pour in at 4pm and then abruptly ceased at 7pm. Very few comments were made after that. The last comment there, a few days later, was the one which referred to their being 132 comments and only 4 which supported the author of the article.

I am going to go back there everyday, check the LATEST NEWS and kick butt – hit them with facts and call the ‘stinkers’ rotten. I think that we should all do it. The URL for the Aussie site again is:

I’m going to copy this comment to other sites, Frank – Leg Iron and co. I think we should wake the Aussies up a bit.""

I think that the idea is clear.