Tuesday 22 March 2011

Think of the (very small) children!

What age-group do you think of when someone says the word 'children'? 16 years or younger? Under-18 perhaps?

And what about 'young children'? Ten year olds? Eight year olds? Maybe younger?

So what about 'very young children'? That would have to be toddlers and pre-school children, right? Six or seven at the most.

So what can we make of Diane Abbott saying this?

"It is wrong that very young children can get out of their skulls for less money than it takes to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola."

Leaving aside the fact that a bottle of Coke costs 70p, which is far too little for anyone to get 'out of their skulls' on, Abbott's twist on the old 'think of the children' canard means one of the following:

a) she have a unique definition of what a 'very young child' is

b) she honestly believes that very young children are getting 'out of their skulls' on alcohol for 70p

c) she is one of the stupidest people to ever become an MP in British history

d) she is deliberately using misleading language to scare people into supporting minimum pricing

It could very easily be a combination of (c) and (d). Incredibly (or not), this serial incompetent and self-confessed hypocrite in on Labour's shadow cabinet. Still more incredibly, she is the spokesperson for health, which should be interesting when she has to tackle obesity (something she has clearly never attempted before).

Still, it gives me an excuse to show this again:


Curmudgeon said...

I suppose a two-year-old could get out of its skull on a single 65p can of Carling. So that's what she's talking about it, obviously. The A&E departments are full of them.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many women in this anti movements?

JJ said...

I saw the original progamme, and it was delicious to see Abbott squirm. Seeing it again was even better.
Can you imagine Neil cross-examining antis in court about 'passive smoking'?

Unknown said...

I never saw the original prog JJ but saw snippets of Abbott squirming about the 'black mothers' interogation by Neil. Being, at one time a Labourite in thought and voting them this kinda thing lifts the blinkers from my eyes.

Thanks Snowdon (chit, forgotten your first name) for showing the clip in it's entirety.

Needless to say Abbott came to my attention when the smoking ban becaue a reality and she had very strong views on it and voted for a total ban. Once you see one thing then you see another...and another...and...

Dr Evil said...

Isn't minimum pricing of anything illegal under EU competition laws?

Isn't collective punishment by means of a compulsory minimum price per so called unit also illegal?

Christopher Snowdon said...


(a) almost certainly and (b) dunno.

I understand that the government has not increased alcohol duty so Alcohol Concern will be crying into their orange juice tonight.

Also a 2% increase in tobacco duty but so far the BBC is reluctant to tell us what that means in cash terms. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Because it is so easy to make beer and wine, there is no chance the Government will set a minimum price of 50p. If it does, who will care. Not pub drinkers, as it won't affect them. Not people who drink so occasionally that an extra £1.50 won't impact. It could affect home drinkers of 3 or 4 bottles of £3.29 wine a week, like myself. In fact, it would cost me £210 a year if I let it. But I won't. I will be "nudged" toward making my own from kits. This works out at £1.30 a bottle. That's an idea for Jamie's Dream School - an exciting mix of applied physics, chemistry and biology.

O/T I propose we instigate an award for the most prolific, ostentatious and high profile flouting of the smoking ban. It should be called the Lily Allen Award and the first recipient should be.........Lily Allen, for her heroic performances in Riches to Rags (Tues 10.00pm CH4). Her office, several taxis, hotel award venues - no location was spared. She passed her part-smoked cigarette to an attendant seconds before going on stage to collect an award - Class.

Curmudgeon said...

No, the government has increased alcohol duty by inflation plus 2% - but that had already been announced so isn't a "new" increase.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Quite an interview! I agree that it would be GREAT to see him interview some of the Antis!!

Why does she keep looking up to heaven for answers?


Anonymous said...

I read the 2% increase on cigarettes works out at 50p on cheaper cigarettes & 33p on the dearer ones.

Osborne, did explain why the extra hike on cheaper ones, to stop illegal cigarettes. Not forgetting that it will make more people give up smoking and it's better for their health.

See how helpful they are, increasing prices to improve health and stop illegal tobacco. And these people went to Eton and are supposed to be intelligent.

Just greedy bas***ds, who are going to pull the udders of the cash cows once to often and not only smokers, drivers & drinkers too. Without these the country would collapse.