Thursday, 22 April 2010

War on the working class

This looks rather good...

This provocative Democracy Institute General Election report takes the Government and Opposition parties to task for their growing attacks on working class habits and lifestyles. The authors demonstrate the junk science behind the attacks and reveal the political elite’s real agenda – to denormalise ordinary tastes and preferences so normal behaviour becomes seen as aberrant behaviour. In challenging this elitist agenda, the authors defend the working man's (and woman's) fondness for a bet, a Big Mac, a drink, a smoke, and a tan.

Chair – Mark Littlewood, IEA 
Authors – Dr Patrick Basham & Dr John Luik 
5.45pm –7.30pm 
Thursday 29 April 2010 
Institute of Economic Affairs 
2 Lord North St 
(Door on Great Peter St) 
Westminster SW1P 3LB  

I'll be there. Details here.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but this line of argument falls directly into the trap which they have set: spin it as a political argument; a principles-based dispute. When, all it really comes down to is sociopathic capitalism.

For example, the reason why the banks in the USA, the UK and elsewhere around the world have managed to loot and plunder the general population is not rocket science.

They bought the media (because they were such prolific advertisers). They bought the politicians in two ways: they employed more lobbying power than the average medium-sized nation could muster; and they gave them more campaign contributions than any other special interest group could afford (and, as America shows, money spent elects politicians).

The motivation behind this lobbying in favour of "free markets" and "less regulation makes us more efficient" was basically code for, "less regulation lets us really rape and pillage the population in ways we'd never have thought about before."

So, how did the anti-smokers manage to pull off a similar trick?

Nicotine gum.

It's all about the unethical profit motives of the pharmaceutical companies. First, they bought off the medical profession. Next, a subset of the scientists. Moving onto the media (big advertisers, and all). Finally, they bought the politicians, via the heroin of "sin taxes".

But, hey - it's all about health, OK? It's pure coincidence that the first serious ostracism of smokers happened to coincide with the introduction of nicotine gum.

It's pure coincidence that virtually every "grassroots" anti-smoking outfit on the planet has direct or indirect funding from the pharma companies.

Anyway, this is saying things that we all know (even though the general public is completely ignorant of the deceit).

What is happening with the banksters is refreshing. What is happening with the global warming catastrophists is encouraging. It seems that, in relation to some of the Big Issues of our time, the momentum is starting to turn.

So, what do we smokers need now? We need a powerful champion. We need those snivelling, pathetic worms who call themselves "executives" at the tobacco companies to grow a backbone.

They've left their customers to be mauled by the joint attack dogs of pharma companies and government for too long, because they carry a corporate guilt about what they didn't tell people 50 years ago.

Get the f^&k over it!!! Defend yourselves and your customers, you worthless cowards! Appoint somebody with some guts, who will do something other than say, "Yesss, master - the whip, the whip! More of the whip!"

Honestly, the only people who care about how dodgy you were 50 years ago are some scum-bag trial lawyers in Florida. The rest of the world's smokers need you to fight PR fire with fire; political donations with donations; dodgy scientific studies with...well...just grow some friggin' corporate balls, for god's sake!

The time is NOW. Scepticism is the new black. Second-hand smoke is a scam and tobacco companies need to start pushing back against the interests which want to destroy them and their customers.

[Disclosure: smoker, with no connection to the gutless tobacco companies.]

Belinda said...

Aren't they set to profit from the nicotine in nicotine replacement therapies ... surely pharmmaceutical companies need them for the nicotine, or am I being naive?

Anonymous said...

Must admit that I was under the impression that the tobacco companies were set to benefit from NRT as well. Hence the reason why they are keeping so quiet.

DaveA said...

I look forward to seeing you, is Dick Puddlecote going?

Anonymous said...

Dont blame the Tobacco giants,
blame those who have most to lose.
How many campaigns,how many websites,how many organisations,
how many bloggers are prepared to join in one alliance,one front,
one united onslaught .

How many ?

Lets take a closer look at those who dont want to unite, let us
ask............why ?

Sick of Parrots.