Monday 15 February 2010

Talking e-cigarettes and the rest

Last week I did an interview with, discussing thirdhand smoke, the Nazis, John Banzhaf, Big Pharma, tobacco harm reduction and more. You can read that all here.

I'm also grateful to James at for pointing me to this document, titled Smoking Cessation Report 2009-2015. It's produced by Visiongain for the pharmaceutical industry. At $2,500 a copy, I won't be buying it, but its table of contents are tantalising, especially Chapter 6 which looks at the challenges facing Big Pharma (my emphasis)...

6 Issues Affecting the Smoking Cessation Market
6.1 SWOT Analysis for the Smoking Cessation Market
6.2 Strengths of the Smoking Cessation Industry
6.2.1 Innovation in Smoking Cessation Therapies
6.2.2 Innovative Marketing Techniques
6.2.3 Manufacturers are Providing Support Plans in Combination with Pharmacotherapy
6.2.4 OTC-Switching
6.3 Weaknesses of the Smoking Cessation Industry
6.3.1 Drugs Do Not Replace the Tactile and Oral Sensations Obtained from Smoking
6.3.2 Currently-Marketed Smoking Cessation Therapies Have High Relapse Rate
6.4 Opportunities for the Smoking Cessation Market
6.4.1 Smoking is Prevalent Worldwide and Slowly Increasing
6.4.2 Countries with Untapped Smoking Cessation Market Potential
6.4.3 Growth of Emerging-Economy Smoking Cessation Markets
6.4.4 Health Effects of Tobacco
6.4.5 Economic Impact of Tobacco
6.4.6 Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)
6.4.7 Government Smoking Cessation Programmes
6.4.8 Increasing Tobacco Taxes
6.4.9 Smoking Bans

6.4.10 Warning Information on Tobacco Products
6.4.11 Bans on Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship
6.5 Threats to the Smoking Cessation Industry
6.5.1 Concern over Side-Effects of Smoking Cessation Drugs Champix/Chantix Showed Potential, but then Hit by Safety Concerns Side-Effect Concerns for NRT and Bupropion The Result of Side-Effect Concerns
6.5.2 Lack of Reimbursement for Smoking Cessation Therapies
6.5.3 Traditional Smokeless Tobacco Snus and Gutkha A Possible Impact of Greater Smokeless Tobacco Prevalence
6.5.4 The E-Cigarette What are E-Cigarettes? The E-Cigarette Market E-Cigarettes Will Revolutionise the Face of Tobacco Smoking and Could Pose a Threat to the Smoking Cessation Market Will E-Cigarettes Compete with Smoking Cessation Therapies?


Anonymous said...

If ecigs could replicate the effect of cigarettes the drug companies and ASH UK would have cause to worry. But for most people I don't think they do. If they did, there would already be millions smoking them. The last question is interesting. Will ecigs compete with smoking cessation therapies? Are they admitting that they see nicotine gum as a long term replacement for cigarettes and not a short term measure to aid quitting? Since ecigs provide nicotine, just as gum does, they are competing. That is why they will be made illegal.

Dick Puddlecote said... ... KABOOM!

The nicotine delivery war has never been about health.

Mac the Knife said...

...and by their bullshite shall ye know them.

Anonymous said...

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