Sunday 4 October 2009

A fortnight in politics

I'm getting towards the end of my fortnight in politics. It started with an excellent event at the Lib Dems' conference in Bournemouth (Politics & Prohibition), followed by a more tedious fringe meeting at Labour's conference in Brighton. With the media descending on the South coast, I attended the recording of Victoria Derbyshire's Five Live show on Monday and then BBC's Question Time

I'll blog about this later, but first I need to complete the party conference trio by going to Manchester. I'll be signing books in the Reading Zone from noon on Tuesday and I'll be down the Beluga bar in the evening (both are in the Bridgewater Hotel). 

This is all part of the Freedom Zone fringe meetings and the whole line-up (over 2 days) is impressive. It all looks - dare I say it - much more interesting than anything going on in the main hall and I'll be going to as much as I can. 

Highlights include:

Politics & Prohibition: Will a Conservative Government challenge the bully state? (Shane Frith, Roger Helmer MP, Brian Monteith, Simon Clark) - 10.15 am Monday

The Inaugural Freedom Dinner: With Daniel Hannan MEP - 8.00 pm Monday

Is there a place for Libertarianism in David Cameron's Conservative party? (Bruce Anderson, Jesse Norman, Michael Rock) - 10.15 am Tuesday

The Sunlight Centre for Open Politics (Paul Staines AKA Guido Fawkes, David Aaronovitch, John Rentoul)

All the events are taking place in the Bridgewater Hotel, Manchester. If you see me there, do come over and say hello.


Unknown said...

Which night are you going to be there Chris? Had a scant glance at the schedule but would love to have an overnight stay and meet some people (I'm assuming that the fringe meetings are of an evening?)

Christopher Snowdon said...

I'll be there all Tuesday afternoon and evening. Unfortunately I'll be missing the Monday events but I'll be in the Reading Zone from noon Tuesday.

Unknown said...

I will endeavour to be there Chris, and should think one or two of us northerners will be there also.


Dick Puddlecote said...

I was going to trot up there for a couple of the events I knew about, but too busy at work so didn't think I could justify the time.

Having seen the whole list, I'm gutted as I'd have hired a temp.

Oh, well.

Do your worst mate (as they say).

Unknown said...

Don't worry Dick, me and Helen will look after him...oh, and Visigoth may turn up too...what's to worry about...lolol.

See ya Tuesday Chris.

Christopher Snowdon said...

The more the merrier. See you then, BigYin. Looking forward to it.